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Continuing from Chew’s Culture Foundation’s 2008 premier of “Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”, curators, Chen Yung-Hsien and Sean C.S. Hu, have proposed “Eattopia” to be the theme for this year. Through this topic, audiences are encouraged to inspect the invisible truth behind the food we eat, and through video art to contemplate and also respond to the mutual fate that the entire human race is destined to face. The “International Invited Exhibition” portion includes artists from Sweden, USA, Spain, Australia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, and Taiwan, for the total of nine internationally renowned artists from seven nations. The “Internationally Call for Entries” portion includes 19 artworks that have been selected from 115 entries submitted from 27 nations around the world. The contents of these artworks exude vitality and diversity, and also possess important significance for our time.

What to eat today? Whom to dine with? People’s fantasies and desires toward eating well have formed a virtual realm composed between food and life. In the real life, when faced with the most challenging need for survival, being hungry or being full are key fundamental elements for the making of a utopian paradise. Therefore, this is how the concept of “Eattopia” has derived to be the topic for the “2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”. “Eattopia” is about a utopia that is based on food and culture, through the attempt to link together the ideas of “Eat” and “Utopia”, to include all the possible extensions based on mankind and the needs for food. As a noun, the term “Eat” is used to describe how food is the fundamental desire in a utopia perceived by mankind, and is also an attempt to build a utopia via food. As a verb, it is used to discuss the issues as desires are unsatisfied and expanded, the utopia that mankind has hoped to reach is gradually being eaten and swallowed up. Through the construction and deconstruction with the term “Eat”, a real and virtual, a destructed and developed realm of life is formed. In today’s world of technological advancement, the shortage of food is still a dilemma that haunts the human race like it did centuries ago, and it extends further to problems relating to the imbalance in food supplies, food waste in big cities, global warming that causes the shrinkage in agricultural land, market and future investments that lead to the distortion in prices, economic globalization’s impact on local farming, and government’s focus on industry over agriculture. With these issues in mind, “Eattopia – 2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition” invites international artists and also sends out call for entries to all, and we anticipate for more concerns and dedications to be presented from artists around the world about this topic. Through food and culture, we hope to garner analyses and speculations about eating, the physical body, desire, power, consumerism, aesthetic, and issues related to the society, and to further extend into the global reality that is immanent.

Throughout the three-month exhibition, Hong Gah Museum will also launch a series of exciting and complimentary art education promotional events in conjunction with the exhibition. Openings are limited, please contact the museum to sign-up in advance: October 3rd (Sun) 14:00: Artist’s Talk with the Swedish art duo, Bigert & Bergström; October 16th, 23rd, 30th (Sat) 14:00-16:00: three lectures on the topic of “Art and the Eating Culture”, where discussions will be conducted to review the relationships between food and mankind through different perspectives based on aesthetic, society, and art. During the opening on October 2nd (Sat) and on October 10th and 17th (Sun) from 14:00-16:00, a series of live arts based on “The Body and Food” will take place on location with artists presenting new artworks created especially for the occasion. November 13th~14th (Sat, Sun) 13:00-17:00: an audio-visual editing workshop will be presented, where techniques on editing and audio-visual post-production will be shared free of charge; the purpose is in addition to enjoying video artworks, the general public could also have the chance to further understand this particular art form.

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長達三個月的展期內,鳳甲美術館也將配合展覽推出一系列豐富精彩的免費藝術教育推廣活動,名額有限,意者請洽美術館報名:10月3日(日)14:00瑞典雙人藝術團體畢傑&柏格隆座談,10月16、23、30 日(六)14:00-16:00 舉辦三場「藝術與飲食文化」系列專題講座,從美學、社會、藝術等不同面向來剖析飲食與人類存在、存續之間的臍帶關係。10月2日(六)展覽開幕當日及10月10、17日(日)14:00-16:00舉辦「身體與食物」系列臨場藝術呈現,由藝術家親於現場以食物為主題發表行為藝術新作。11月13~14日(六日)13:00-17:00更將舉辦影音剪接工作坊,免費傳授剪接及影像後製技巧,讓民眾欣賞之餘亦可透過實做更加了解錄像藝術。

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