Chen Yung-Hsien Ph.D is an artist, independent curator, writer and art critic. In his art practice, he employs a combination of forms of Video Art and New Media Art. His works have been widely exhibited in numerous exhibitions, both in Taiwan and internationally. He was awarded the “Maple Leaf Award of Bronze Maple” in Canada and the “Beck’s Future Prize” for Film and Video in England.

He is an independent curator, curatorial projects including “Random-ize Film & Video Festival”, “Night Vision at Taipei: International Video Art Exhibition”, “Animation Tropes ”, “Looking for Horse Latitude–New Media Art Exhibition”, “Dwelling Place: 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition” and “Eattopia: 2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”, “Beyond the Mirage—Taiwan New Media Art”(SCOPE Miami).

His writings and papers concentrate on theories of Contemporary Art, the observation of Performance Art and the analysis of New Media Art. He has published “The Art of Taiwanese illustration”, “The Song of Body” and “The Apocalypse of Video Art”.

Chen was born in Taiwan, he received his PhD of Arts and Communication from The University of Brighton, UK. Chen currently serves as a professor in Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts.

SEAN C.S. Hu Born in Taiwan, he graduated from The Broadcasting & Television Section of Mass Communication Department, Fu Jen Catholic University. He then received M.A. degree in Art Administration in Fashion Institute of Technology, CUNY in 1998. Hu was on worked as a Project Manager for Fubon Art Foundation. Currently, he’s a curator, art critic, and the board member for the Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, Jut Foundation for Arts & Architecture as well as the CEO of Hu’s Art Company.

Following is a selected list of projects that Sean C.S. Hu was responsible for: “Eattopia 2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”, “The Wind Brings Light—A Kinetic and Land Art Project by Susumu Shingu”, “Seed Project 2- Art with Mountain Land Art Installation Exhibition” 2010, “Bopiarts-Old Street Cultural Festival, Fusion Folks-Contemporary Art Exhibition”, “Seed Project 1- Art with River Land Art Installation Exhibition” 2009, “Dwelling Place 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”, “Wandering- Art Taipei” 2008, “Fashion Accidentally”, “Very Fun Park II”, “Rice for Thoughts-A Performance and Land Art Project by Lin Chuan chu” 2007.

策展人 /

陳永賢:出生於台灣,英國布萊頓大學藝術博士。 創作主軸以身體行為與新媒體藝術為方向,曾舉辦個展包括:「身體之歌」(The Song of Body)、「人層迴圈」(One in a Loop)、「他者之他」(In to/ Out of the Other),作品受邀參加亞洲、美洲、歐洲各地美術館之展覽四十餘次;美國Robert Wilson的Watermill Center駐村藝術家;曾獲加拿大楓葉新人獎、英國貝克獎。

陳永賢身兼獨立策展人,策展經歷包括:「幻象之丘—台灣新媒體藝術展」(SCOPE邁阿密,鳳甲美術館)、「居無定所?第一屆台灣國際錄像藝術展」(鳳甲美術館)、「食托邦—第二屆台灣國際錄像藝術展」(鳳甲美術館、台藝大、香港微波新媒體藝術節)、「尋找馬緯度—新媒體藝術展」( MOT ARTS)、「動漫快感—數位媒體藝術展」(陽明大學藝文中心)、「夜視‧台北—國際錄像藝術展」(誠品藝文空間)、「Random-ize Film & Video Art Festival」(倫敦)。


胡朝聖:出生於台灣,輔仁大學大眾傳播系廣播電視組畢業、紐約流行設計學院(Fashion Institute of Technology)藝術管理碩士。曾任富邦藝術基金會專案經理,現為策展人、台灣藝術大學兼任講師、作家、中華民國視覺藝術協會理事、忠泰建築文化藝術基金會董事,以及胡氏藝術公司執行長。